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Find out these answers and more by downloading this free cybersecurity research study. PC Matic utilizes Application Allowlisting security solutions to prevent cyber-threats, malware and ransomware attacks.

White Paper - Cybersecurity Research & Threat Analysis

Malware Research to Combat Cyber Threats

Malware research contains computer and systems security information, analysis and test results obtained through reverse engineering, exploit-kits, exploit analysis, root-kit analysis, botnet analysis, emulation, sandboxing, trojans, typical viruses and polymorphous viruses, zero-day infections, fileless infections such as PowerShell exploits, worms, key loggers, advanced persistent targeted intrusions (ATPs), advanced malicious scripts, and more.

Information Security or Data Security revolves around the three main threats to data known as the CIA Triad: Confidentiality - Integrity - Availability. PC Matic is the leader in threat intelligence research and analysis. PC Matic PRO has been developed to protect data confidentiality, integrity and availability using zero-trust whitelisting application control. Our award-winning antivirus and cybersecurity solutions protect millions of devices, servers and networks worldwide.

Cybersecurity comes down to Applications & People. To protect devices, servers and networks, IT security professionals must know what applications are present on their system, and what people have access to the system. Zero Trust Application Allowlisting is the only security protocol that can prevent modern, advanced cyber-threats. With real time, automated Whitelisting Technology used as a preventative layer on top of traditional antivirus Application Blacklisting, EDR and endpoint security, even the most sophisticated malware, ransomware, and exploits can be defeated. Learn more about PC Matic's Application Allowlisting Cybersecurity Solutions below.

PC Matic Cybersecurity Solutions by Industry

About PC Matic Professional Malware Researchers

All of PC Matic's antivirus and cybersecurity software is researched, developed and tested in the USA. Our malware researchers' mission is to develop security products that prevent infection as opposed to reacting to infections. While a typical malware analyst examines malicious software, such as viruses, worms, Trojans, zero-day exploits, and bots to understand the nature of the threat, PC Matic strives to build an automated whitelist of known safe and trusted programs. This global application whitelist is used on top of traditional blacklist antivirus for a complete and highly effective anti-malware defense.

Analyzing malware risk involves reverse-engineering the malicious executable and examining how the program interacts with a system. PC Matic security researchers are IT professionals who take pride in their ability to analyze and test unknown files or programs typically within 24 hours. Our Unified Performance Management tools, Automated Security Patch and Driver Updates, ensure device, endpoints, servers and networks remain secure. Read more about our security product features.

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