5 Ways to Secure XP After April

5 Ways to Secure XP After April

by Mitz from Tips4pc.com

5 Tips to secure Windows XP after Microsoft pulls support in April 2014.–PC Pitstop.

When support ends for windows XP in April 2014, a computer still using the Windows XP operating system will be left at it’s most vulnerable. Microsoft has announced that there will be no further security updates this operating system which will parade it as an open target to penetrate for hackers. You might as well put a sign up saying “hey come hack me”.

Here Are Some Tips To Secure Windows Xp After April

Continuing to use Windows XP after the cut off date is a risk that the user will have to take responsibility for. This will mean that your computer security just got a whole lot more serious.

These tips to secure Windows XP will help but are definitely not guaranteed as we have no experience with the non updated Windows XP at this time.

#1. Set Administrator Password

In Windows XP the main administrators account comes default with no password at all. Therefore in Windows XP Pro and Home you can simply enter the admin account like this:

1. Go to the Welcome Screen where you would usually login to your computer.

2. Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE on your keyboard two times.

3. Type the word administrator in the username box.

4. Leave the password area completely blank (as there is no admin password).

5. Press enter or Ok. If the admin account is enabled then you will be able to login.

If you can’t access the admin acocunt through the login screen then see this article about accessing the hidden admin account in XP.

Also you could make sure there is only one admin account and delete all other admin accounts to secure Windows xp even further.

Tips for Securing Windows XP – Continued Here

This excerpt appears with permission from Tips4PC.com.

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