Rob Cheng Discusses Cybersecurity Careers and More

Creating Curriculum for HGTC

Rob Cheng, PC Matic’s enigmatic CEO, sat down again with Liz Calloway today. First, they discussed the Horry-Georgetown Technical College’s new cyber certification program. Rob is particularly excited about the jump into healthcare IT focused cybersecurity. It’s long overdue.

Healthcare is one of the most vulnerable cybersecurity landscapes. As we know, breaches in healthcare IT systems can negatively affect patients’ lives. Therefore, delving further into this particular IT niche has the potential to save lives.

This Week’s Cyberattacks

Next, Liz and Rob covered the slew of cyberattacks that happened on major companies this week. There seemed to be more than normal; notably Molson Coors Beverage Co, Acer, and CNA Financial. However, let’s focus on that last one.

CNA Financial is the largest ransomware insurance agency in the country, and they just got hit with ransomware. As a result, the attackers now have the names of the companies CNA insures, and how much their insurance is for. One can assume these companies are now targets.

Cybersecurity and the Government

Liz asked Rob if she felt the US Government was prepared for an attack. Being familiar with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), Rob said that agency is aware. On the other hand, he wasn’t sure what preventative measurers are in place.

Unfortunately, there’s no mandate to report breaches. As the fallout from the SolarWinds hack continues, we see an increase in other attacks. There is a bill in congress, however, that would require anyone successfully attacked to report it. It has yet to pass through.

“There’s a lot more to learn here,” Rob explained. Effective ransomware protection is proactive rather than reactive. Additionally, it takes increased awareness of the challenges facing IT professionals today.

“So what is the answer?,” Liz asks. “Prevention,” responded Rob.

Rob Cheng Speaks on Liz Calloway – Cyber Smart

To listen to the entire episode “Rob Cheng on Liz Calloway”, and to learn more, check out the entire segment below.

On a final note, to stay cybersecurity smart and to protect yourself from viruses, malware and ransomware – listen to Cyber Security Tips. For more information, visit PC Matic’s Healthcare Cybersecurity page regarding Hospital Ransomware Protection.

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  1. Hello Julia rob. My name is Thomas reblin I bought the pc matic A couple of weeks ago but I do not know how to install it. I am 76 years old I am not a Very good computer savvy person who knows very little so I am just all confused on trying to loan and put my Paid program into my computer For virus safety when l already have some virus in my computer already.Do you have a disc that I could put in to my computer in automatically have it loaded. How can I Call you or talk to someone? You have my email below And my address Is [REDACTED]
    Thank you very much, TOM REBLIN

  2. I listened to Rob Cheng on Liz Calloway radio show. I have been pursuing a career in the Health care Coding and billing. Now that they are involved in certification and HIPAA,going to AAPC and AMIHA that would be a great place to push for governmental reform on cyber breaches forced to publicly inform consumers. Of course it is a shame to tell your consumers hey we just told some hackers your credit card information.I am sure that is not the best news.But the coding and billing in healthcare would be a good platform for getting the word out. Don’t you think?

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