Month: November 2019

Scam Alert

Avoid becoming a victim of an expensive scam PC Matic customer service is great for assisting customers with more than just issues revolving around the PC Matic products. In recent weeks, internet scams have increased as a result of the holiday season. Our customer service team wants you to be safe so they put together …

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Over Half of Fortune 500 Companies Susceptible to Ransomware

Open for business… and trouble The research firms Expanse and 451 research found some pretty troubling news. A two week test revealed that more than 53% of Fortune 500 companies are leaving themselves vulnerable to hackers through open RDP. What does that mean? Simply put, RDP is a way to share information. An IT director …

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government memo whitelisting

Tech for Vets

The New GI Bill Isn’t College, It’s Tech. If you check out the PC Matic Instagram account today, you’ll see some of our employees who have served. Today is for thanking them and the millions of veterans across the United States for their service. Tech companies are thanking our veterans by hiring them. Military training …

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Staying Secure

A Five Step Program Staying secure in our current online environment is a continually pressing concern. There’s a balance between locking down your entire system for security and still being able to do what you want online. Luckily, there are five steps you can take to make sure you’re keeping yourself safe. Step 1 You …

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