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Tech for Vets

The New GI Bill Isn’t College, It’s Tech.

If you check out the PC Matic Instagram account today, you’ll see some of our employees who have served. Today is for thanking them and the millions of veterans across the United States for their service.

Tech companies are thanking our veterans by hiring them. Military training prepares men and women in service by teaching discipline and endurance among other attributes. These are extremely attractive qualities in the any field, and knowing they come with the added bonus of a military background is pretty impressive on a resume.

Joining the military has always come with the idea that you’ll receive an education afterwards, although that’s neither practical nor a desire for everyone. It’s becoming increasingly clear that college isn’t the best route for every job out there. Training programs focusing on the tech field are much more valuable than a four year degree if you want to work in the industry.

However, a lot of people find the idea of working with computers to be intimidating. That’s why the VA has become passionate about training veterans for lives in the tech industry after leaving active duty.

A Family Affair

In addition to training for those leaving their branch of service, there are companies providing job training for military spouses as well. A quick internet search yielded tons of results for military and military spouse further education programs in the tech field. And why not? Service isn’t individual. offers up the names of private companies and non-profits offering programs that fit any family. Whether you’re active duty, retired, or family, there’s probably a program out there to suit your needs.

Finding Your Niche

Whether you are a veteran, or know one looking for a civilian career, looking into tech industry jobs can be both rewarding and financially worth your while. Ask yourself what you like to do, there’s probably a tech job out there that fits your lifestyle and interests. Take an afternoon and get lost in an internet search of “tech programs for veterans” then take the next steps toward your new career.

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