Using the Add or Remove Programs Tool

using the add or remove program tool


Using the Add or Remove Programs Tool

Hi, in this session we will describe how to use the Add or Remove Programs tool to add, change, or remove a program that is installed on your Windows XP-based computer. You can use this feature to change the installation of Windows installer-based program such as Microsoft Office XP. To change or remove a program: click Start, go to Control Panel, and then click Add or Remove Programs. Under this, click add or remove programs again. This will open up add or remove programs window. You can see a list of currently installed programs in this window.

Also if you would like to see a Windows update installed on this machine, you can tick the box “Show Updates.” This will list all of the updates installed on this machine. In order to change or remove a specific program, you can click the button given against the program. Make sure that the program you click in add or remove programs tool in the program that you want to remove from a computer. Some of the programs may not prompt you to confirm the renewal before the program is removed from the computer. So you need to be very cautious before hitting change or remove here.

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