What You Need To Know About Data Backup & Recovery

what you need to know about data recovery and backup

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Data backup and recovery are both part of making a good backup. You can’t be sure you’ve made a secure backup unless you’ve tried to recover from it, so in this article we’ll show you how you can sleep better at night knowing that your files can be recovered in case of an emergency.

Why Data Backup And Recovery Are Necessary

You’ve probably created or edited hundreds of files on your computer—maybe even thousands of files. From documents to photos to emails to everything else. Without good data backup and recovery, all of these files could be gone in a heartbeat.

Imagine losing all of your email conversations, all of your precious photos, and all of the documents and spreadsheets you’ve put hundreds of hours into perfecting. Some of these things can’t ever be recreated. Some of them take longer to recreate then you would think—I once had to rekey 5 years of personal accounting data after losing my main accounting file. It took months of part time work.

Sometimes when a disk drive crashes, you can use special techniques to recover some or all of the data. You can try freezing your hard drive to fix your failed hard disk or you can send it to a data recovery specialist. But these techniques aren’t guaranteed to work. Good data backup and recovery is guaranteed—you guarantee it yourself.

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