Year: 2012

Anatomy of a Hack

A fascinating article from Joan Goodchild at – detailing how one social engineering expert got access to very sensitive information with ”
little more than a thrift-shop shirt, a plate of cookies and a Linksys box”.

Automate Enhanced Disk Cleanup Tool for Windows 7 & 8

In this tutorial, we will see how to activate some additional cleaning options and automate the cleanup operation, so that you don’t need to run the Disk Cleanup Utility or Cleanmgr.exe in Windows 8 or Windows 7 manually, every time.

Solving Weird Windows Problems

Sometimes, a Windows computer will simply get confused. Reboots don’t solve the problem. All the pertinent program, networking and firewall configurations are right. But Windows just doesn’t work right — and functions that DID work don’t work now.