Year: 2011

Ask Dave Taylor: How to Change What Happens When You Close My Laptop?


I don’t know if my computer is broken or what, but my new Dell XPS laptop keeps running when I close the lid on it and it’s effectively meaning that the battery is always completely drained. Not good at all, I need it for taking notes in class! Is the action that happens when I close my laptop PC something I can configure?

Bob Rankin: Time To Upgrade Your Browser?


If I had to guess the most-often used piece of software on most computers, I would have to go with the Web browser. The Internet is an integral part of most people’s computing experience these days, and the browser is the primary app for interacting with the online world. So it’s surprising to me how lax some people are about keeping their Web browsers up to date. Here’s why that’s so important, and how to get it done…