Bob Rankin: Time To Upgrade Your Browser?


By Bob Rankin

If I had to guess the most-often used piece of software on most computers, I would have to go with the Web browser. The Internet is an integral part of most people’s computing experience these days, and the browser is the primary app for interacting with the online world. So it’s surprising to me how lax some people are about keeping their Web browsers up to date. Here’s why that’s so important, and how to get it done…

Is Your Browser Up To Date?

The security of your web browser is one of the most important things you can do to keep safe and virus-free online. But incredibly, more than 8 per cent of the world is still using Internet Explorer 6, the browser that shipped with Windows XP more than ten years ago. China has the highest percentage of IE6 users (a whopping 28%), while in the U.S. IE6’s market share has dwindled to about 1 percent. Norway leads the field in IE6 eradication, with just 0.2% clinging to the old clunker. You can track the slow death of IE6 at the IE6 Countdown website, and learn more about why IE6 is such a poor choice in today’s environment.

Reasons for clinging to obsolete browsers range from the compelling to the silly. Some enterprise systems are trapped in older browsers by mission-critical legacy applications that won’t work with modern browsers. It would cost too much to upgrade or replace the legacy apps, so everyone must make do with an old browser.

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