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Best Password Managers

The best tools for optimal password management. UPDATE: LogMeIn buys password manager LastPass for $110 million –PC Pitstop.

Best Password Managers

by Bob Rankin

Best Password Managers of 2015

Good password management is a critical part of online security, but it can be difficult to do. The more online accounts you have, the more difficult it is to create strong passwords, keep track of them without exposing them to thieves, and remember to change them regularly. Read on to learn how password managers can simplify the task…

Managing Your Passwords With Ease

If you’re not using a password management program, you’re probably committing at least one of the cardinal sins against security best practices. Your passwords may be weak or obvious, like the popular “12345678” or simply “password.” Or you may be reusing the same password on multiple accounts. Both make for a hacker’s dream.

Another definite no-no is storing a list of passwords in unencrypted text on a hard drive, cloud service, or a Post-It Note; that just makes theft easier. If this sounds like you, then please consider using one of these password management programs.

LastPass is a long-standing leader in password managers, consistently achieving highest ratings from reviewers and users. The free version is a cloud-based, client-server product for desktop machines only; if you want synced support across mobile devices, you’ll need the premium version for $12 per year. Download and install the LastPass client, then use it to create a LastPass account and a master password, the only one you’ll need to remember from then on.

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