Month: December 2010

PC Pitstop Newsletter – December 2010 #2

  • Tablets Quickly Replacing PCs?
  • Malware Disguised as Utilities
  • Boost Laptop WiFi Reception
  • Forging Email is Too Easy
  • Merry Christmas Microsoft
  • 4G or Not 4G
  • Life Without a Phone
  • Great Wastes of Time
  • Be Our Friend
  • Tip 1 – XP Can’t Detect Media?
  • Tip 2 – Mimimize Risk of File Loss
  • Tip 3 – Tips for Editing Pictures
  • Malware Minute: Malware Now Imitates PC Utilities

    Since last week the rogue security products (also called scareware) that we’ve posted on the GFI-Sunbelt Rogue Blog have had a new look. Instead of impersonating anti-virus products, these new ones are claiming to be applications that fix disk errors on a victim’s machine.

    Chris Pirillo: Can You Live Without Your Phone?


    Someone asked recently if I could live without my cell phone. Ten years ago, I could have. Back then, my phone wasn’t smart at all. These days, my smartphone has turned into the best computer I’ve ever had. How about you? Could you live without your phone?

    Pads, tablets, and Other No-Shows

    Earlier this month InformationWeek ran a piece describing how Goldman Sachs expects tablet sales to cannibalize PC sales at a rate of 33% to 35%.

    Great copy but I don’t think we’ll see anything like that. Especially since there are no tablet sitting on shelves, with the exception of iPad.

    Let me know what you think.

    Best Tips of 2010


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