Month: April 2010

McAfee BlueScreen Nightmare

Sometimes going with the Big Name isn’t a good choice.

McAfee’s recent update has botched hundreds of thousands of computers with a false positive reading of perfectly legit Windows files. Take a look inside for some interesting links and information.

PC Pitstop Newsletter – April 2010 #2

    Extreme PC Makeover #4
    Ask the Pros 2010
    10 Unusually Useful Sites
    Still Using IE 6? Are You Kidding?
    Secret Origins of Windows
    Passing on the iPad
    Protect Your Info on Shared PC
    Windows 7 Gadgets
    Tekzilla Tip – Typo Fix
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    Tip 2 –
    Tip 3 –

Extreme PC MakeOver #4

By Steve Hogan

All fathers know that little girls can put Dad through the wringer if they want. No father wants an unhappy little girl and James was feeling the heat. Take a look inside to see how James got back on the good side of 11 year old Shelby.

Tekzilla Tip: Stop URL Typos!


No more “server not found” errors due to a mistyped web address! Just install URL Fixer! It will detect all the most common url typos, and redirect you to the right place, and Veronica shows you exactly how it works on today’s Tekzilla Daily.

Ask Leo: Keep Info on a Shared Computer Private?


By Leo Notenboom

I share a computer and I want to know how to keep my information private.

Ultimately … you can’t. At least not easily, and even then it depends on the data that you’re attempting to keep private, and the technical savvy of the individuals that you’re attempting to keep it private from.

There’s nothing like your own computer. But if you have to share, there are a couple of things that might help. A little.

Chris Pirillo: Windows 7 Gadgets


By Chris Pirillo

We are typically talking tech in our community, and that goes for our sister community, as well! PC PitStop has been kind enough to work with us on a number of occasions. So, when they asked me to answer some tech questions from their community, I was only to happy to help! This particular question comes in from Carlos. He wonders if Windows 7 has a sidebar like the one found in Windows Vista.

Technologizer: The Secret Origin of Windows


By Tandy Trower for Technologizer

Few people understand Microsoft better than Tandy Trower, who worked at the company from 1981-2009. Trower was the product manager who ultimately shipped Windows 1.0, an endeavor that some advised him was a path toward a ruined career…Trower recounts the inside story of his experience in transforming Windows from vaporware into a product that has left an unmistakable imprint on the world, 25 years after it was first released.

Bits from Bill Pytlovany: Using Internet Explorer 6, Are you Kidding Me?

bill p

By Bill Pytlovany

One of the fun reasons of hosting many websites is the information that I can collect from all the visitors.  No, I can’t tell how old you are, what you wearing or other personal information but all web administrators collect information like what browser you’re using, your operating system, language and even your screen size.

Ultimately this information is used by website administrators to make your experience on the website more attractive and more compatible with your machine.  It’s one way of telling how many people are still using Microsoft Windows and how many people are using Internet Explorer versus Firefox or Chrome

Smart Planet: iPad? I’m passing


By John Dodge

I’ve had several opportunities to play with the iPad and like millions of others, I love it. But I’m not going to buy one for the main reason I don’t buy Apple…

TechBite: 10 Unusually Useful Web Sites; Password Revealer


By Steve Bass

I spend lots of time patrolling the Internet, looking for sites that can help me with my life. Some are pin-pointed to something I might need right away, like Contact Help, a way to get the phone number of a company. Others are spots I know I’ll need someday, such as instructions for recovering a ring from a drainpipe or how to wrap an extension cord like a pro.