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By Steve Bass

Firefox: Did I Get Mail
I love it when you write and pass along handy ideas. I received hundreds of messages (okay, 50, but who’s counting) sharing Firefox add-ons, extensions, and tips — and I’m successfully using many of them. Here are some of the most useful of the bunch.

But first some advice.

The day after the "7 Tools to Make Firefox Shine" newsletter published, the world almost ended for Firefox fanatics: A major security hole was discovered in Firefox. Great timing, no? Not to fret, if you upgrade to Firefox 3.51, the world will be okay again.

You’ll be happy to know if you’re still using Firefox 3.06 or so, all of the add-ons I mention will work. But if you’re a worrier, and already upgraded to 3.51, you’ll find a few won’t install. My guess is that individual add-on developers are working overtime to satisfy your overwhelming need for updates. If you continue feeling stressed, just up the meds for a week.

Most important is that you experiment with these add-ons and extensions one at a time. I don’t want to hear any whining (you will anyway, I know it) if you enable them all at once, cause new sunspots, and feel faint.

Let’s start.

10 Super-Duper Firefox Extensions

  • Deskcut adds something Internet Explorer users love: A way to generate desktop shortcuts by using a right-click context menu. Now you can resume making a mess out of your desktop. (Seriously, keep your desktop neat and clean; all those icons grab system resources.)
  • I searched and couldn’t believe Firefox was missing a valuable Internet Explorer feature: A way to run a downloaded app immediately rather than download it. OpenDownload takes care of the problem by adding "Open with Win32 application" from Firefox’s download dialog. [Thanks, Todd.]
  • I recently talked about sites that tell me the time anywhere in the world. FoxClocks is handier: It puts customizable world times a click away in Firefox’s status bar. [Thanks, Bill W.]

If you never remember what time
it is in Singapore,
Mountain Time Zone),
FoxClocks will tell you.

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10 thoughts on “TechBite: 10 More Super-Duper Firefox Extensions”

  1. I would like to continue reading this article. When I click “Read the Rest”, I continually get a promotion for Aweber email marketing. What gives??

  2. PC matic keeps telling me I have an AceSpy 3.8. It is a faulse positive because I do not have, what;’s the story with this software?

  3. I really like Open Downloads, but v.1.0.1 isn’t compatible with Firefox’s latest update (3.5.2) Hopefully, the developer will come out with an updated version soon.

  4. Just like Rosalind, I can’t access Hotmail with firefox. I also can’t access, and sometimes have trouble accessing gmail. The only portal I can consistently get to is yahoo. This is all pretty recent, so I don’t know what’s going on here. I do have firefox 3.51.

  5. Firefox could not – or would not – install OpenDownload as “It is not a valid Install package”. Any advice ?

  6. I like a lot of things about Firefox, but I have a serious concern. I have always kept up to date on the software and have noticed that the upgrades have eliminated my access to my Hotmail account. I have complained about the situation, but have NEVER received a response. I run a MAC. I think you should fix your problems and address your customers concerns before you toot your horn.

  7. I like Firefox, but the ‘improvements’ of this year have crippled my use. I can no longer access Hotmail. I have complained about it, but have never had any customer satisfaction. When is this going to be fixed. I think you should cure problems before you toot your horn on how great you are.

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