Windows 10 Exposes Your Location

Privacy continues to be a major concern for Windows 10 users. Learn how to adjust the setting that could give away your location.–PC Pitstop

Windows 10 Exposes Your Location

By Dave Taylor

The Question: I hear that there are a bunch of privacy settings in Windows 10 – WIn10 – that I should check, particularly “Location”. Can you walk me through the process?

Dave’s Answer:

There’s always been a conflict between large corporations wanting to make your data and information available to advertisers and Web sites and us users who would actually prefer to have things err on the side of more privacy than less privacy. Is what you’re doing online so dangerous? Does it matter? I know that if I understand what I get out of the transaction, I’m often quite willing to share information like my geographic location, but having everything happen secretly, behind the scenes, is very frustrating!

Worse, Microsoft has previously landed in a lot of hot water with default privacy settings that change, and it’s done so again with Windows 10. I know because I have all the default settings and yes, you really should go in and change ’em.

Let’s start with Location…Article Continued Here

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