Virus Bulletin Recognized as Most Respected Testing Agency


Research testing is an important factor in determining the best security available…

Overall, testing agencies help us conclude the “good vs. bad” when it comes to security solutions, and research testing helps us understand which solutions to trust. With ransomware on the rise, one way to find out which security solutions work is to look to testing agencies to find product test results and how they differ from the competition.

In a recent study conducted by IDG, the world’s leading technology media, data, and marketing services company, 211 IT professionals across the US were surveyed to find out important information on security platforms being utilized in the workplace. This survey asked IT pros to identify the most damaging types of cyberattacks, their consideration of deploying whitelist technology, as well as where they turn to get product results on buying the best security solutions. From these survey results, it was found which testing agencies were most acknowledged within the IT industry.

The IDG survey asked IT professionals if they read or followed any testing house or reports when looking to information on security solutions. The results were revealing, as Virus Bulletin was reported as the most respected research testing agency. Virus Bulletin is a testing agency that focuses on the prevention, detection, and removal of malware and spam. Virus Bulletin features analyses of the latest virus threats and produces evaluations of current anti-virus products.




Taking a look deeper into preferred testing houses among IT professionals and the correlations between different industry sectors, it was no surprise Virus Bulletin ranked highly among all industry sectors; however, it was found government and trade sectors preferred AVTest.



Interestingly enough, when compared to other sites within the transportation and utilities sectors, research testing sites like AVComparative, WestCoastLabs, and AVTest ranked among most respected within this particular sector. However, Virus Bulletin continued to be the preferred research testing house among all IT professionals within the combined industry data.


So, it’s clear– when IT professionals are considering different security solutions and platforms, they commonly look to public research published by research testing agencies for insight on product testing results. What works and what doesn’t? Research testing sites hold the answer. The information provided by testing agencies give professionals a deeper look into the solutions that offer the best product and protection.

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