What Your Email Inbox Says - Keep your mail protected.

What Your Email Inbox Says About You and Staying Safe Online

Your Inbox can say a lot about you.

What Your Email Inbox Says about you. The goal of an organized email box is like having your room or desk well organized. But for most people, email box management is more similar to other common personality-related behaviors. Some of those are control, procrastination, fear- of-loss, collecting or the ability to let go. Where do you fall on the spectrum of email-psychology?

How you manage your mail can be an interesting perspective on how you manage your day. For some people, email is very personal, especially with mobile phones sending messages straight to your phone.

Studies show that email and SMS text messaging can change daily routines and behavior. Age can also play a role as some older people use technology differently than Millennials or Gen Z. Of course, people vary in their interest and needs when it comes to digital messaging. Some will use their email for work, others strictly for personal correspondence. Some people refuse to use it at all.

Learn how to use your PC Matic email scanner to keep your computer protected. An important part of cyber hygiene is keeping your email box secure and your system protected.

What you receive and click on in your Email Inbox affects how safe you are from possible malware attacks. Never click on a link or attachment unless you know it is safe.

 To help you better manage your inbox and mail, a safety scan will send you an email explaining what PC maintenance issues may exist. This will help you not only keep your email box safe but notifies you of necessary updates, possible threats or viruses.

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