The 9 Necessary Links For Windows 7 Users


Plenty of information is out for Windows 7, but here are the must have links for an easy switch. With these you can get it all done and be on your way. All you need now is your computer and a couple of hours. Use and enjoy.

1. W7 Upgrade Advisor. It’s an easy check to see if your system is capable of running Windows 7. If you’re currently running Vista, you will be in heaven with Windows 7.

2. W7 Download Straight form the mother ship, you can use this free download until the actual product hits the shelves, then use the Windows Easy Transfer to move everything to the retail installation. There’s no rush, as Windows 7 RC 1 will be available until at least July of 2009. I’ve used this included utility several times. It’s excellent and easy. If you are using a previous W7 version, just go to search and type in “easy transfer”, without the quotes.

3. ImgBurn is still my choice for burning your W7 iso file to disc. I love the new iso capabilities within W7, but for those coming from earlier versions, ImgBurn is still the best.

4. W7 XP Easy Transfer. Not as easy as coming from Vista or previous installations of Windows 7 but still available and in fact probably better than installing the new OS over the top of an Old OS. That is what most people think of as an upgrade. This certainly gives users a much cleaner starting point. In addition the Easy Transfer allows users to transfer information form 32 bit Windows XP to a 64 bit Windows 7.

5. Paul Thurrotts SuperSite This is a must see site for Windows 7 users. Loads of information and this link is devoted to Windows 7.

6. Windows Live Essentials.If you are coming from Windows XP or Vista, you may need a replacement for Outlook Express email. Windows Live is a suite of useful applications. Windows Live mail is one of them and is excellent and easy to configure. Give it a go. You can use it to control any and all of your email clients. I’m using it for my Comcast, Hotmail, and Gmail clients. Windows Live Essentials contains Messenger, Mail, Writer, PhotoGallery, MovieMaker and others.

7. Live Search aka bing is Microsoft’s latest search engine to compete with Google. See what the publicity and latest marketing blast is all about. Add bing to your search options in Internet Explorer. Just click the drop down in your brand new IE 8 search bar/ Find more providers/ bing. Nice addition.

8. Firefox is working well in Windows 7. In fact it’s working better for me with Word Press than Internet Explorer 8. That alone makes Firefox a must have for Windows 7.

9. IE 8 Compatibility View is a must because IE 8 comes right along with Windows 7. This probably won’t be necessary for long, but for now it makes the transition seamless.

There are many many more links out there but this is everything you need to get started.

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