TechBite: iPhone Meets the BBQ


By Steve Bass

Have $100 to burn? (Gawd, I certainly don’t.) If you do, splurge on iGrill’s fancy probe. It’s another thing specially designed for Apple aficionados.

Stick the iGrill’s probe into a leg of lamb, toss it on the barbecue, turn on your iPhone, and snap open another Anchor Steam. A connection’s made using Bluetooth between the iGrill and your choice of iGizmo — an iPhone, iPad, or iPod. You’ll be alerted when the roast’s done, or, I imagine, overdone, if you’re not paying attention.

A couple of thoughts:

The iGrill probably won’t work well with a tofu roast, something you might not want to BBQ anyway.
Be careful with the probe; it’s delicate and prone to fail if you don’t use it carefully. It’ll cost you $20 to replace.
Don’t use the probe for medical purposes or on your pet.
If you’re in Chicago and it’s miserably cold and your BBQ’s covered with snow, whatever you do, don’t move to sunny southern California. We’re already crowded. Just wait until summer to use your iGrill.

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