Avoiding Cyber Crime with Cybersecurity

Twelve Tips to Avoiding Cyber Crime this Holiday Season

Guest post by Scott Augenbaum CyberCriminal Tuesday Avoiding cyber crime. Hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving.   I refer to the Tuesday after CyberMonday as CyberCriminal Tuesday.  The following are a number of tips to help you stay safe this holiday season.   I am so grateful that after my career with the FBI I can do …

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Anti-Virus or Anti-Malware? What’s the Difference?

Malware, Virus, Tomato, Tomahto? Recently, I’ve received a few different questions on the concepts of anti-malware and anti-virus programs.  Are they the same thing?  Which is better?  Is PC Matic an anti-malware program? There’s a lot to be said on the matter.  But here is the most basic explanation.  Malware is a blanket term used …

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Traditional Anti-Virus Programs Don’t Work

Why Your Traditional AV Isn’t Working According to a recent study completed by KnowBe4, your traditional anti-virus alone is not effective in stopping today’s biggest cyber security threat, ransomware.  Ransomware is a form of malware that locks your files or entire PCs and demands a payment to unlock them.  In the study, KnowBe4 asked 500 …

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Has Citadel Compromised Your Anti-Virus?


The Citadel software disables anti-virus programs on infected PCs so they cannot detect malicious software. This means that if your PC was infected by Citadel, it still is despite the takedown of 1000 Citadel servers.

Which AntiVirus is Best


The authorities on antivirus testing and rating have released their lists of the best-performing antivirus programs. Here’s the scoop:

Malware Now Disguised as Disk Utilities

Since rogues began to circulate seven or so years ago, they’ve always pretended to be anti-spyware or anti-virus products, imitating the look of many legitimate anti-virus products and even the structure of their product names. In the last two months, however, it has become clear that the rogue writers are trying something new to confuse potential victims.