Stop Paying Scammers

It seems like scams are everywhere. From pop-ups on websites to texts on your phone, scams come in every form. But you don’t have to be a victim. We’ve given you helpful tips before for how to avoid being a victim of a phishing emails. They’re a great guideline for other forms of scams. Stop paying scammers.

From double checking the source to independently researching the company where the claim comes from, a little extra research could save you some serious cash. I see so many comments on PC Matic’s social media accounts of people complaining that PC Matic wanted money from them for some tech support issue. All of these people have been scammed.

I’m not going to scold people who were scammed. The deceptions are getting more convincing. That’s why talking about scams and how to avoid them is so important.

There are so many warnings out there, but it boils down to one simple thing. Just don’t give up personal information. If someone tells you they’re tech support, double check the company’s website. If they tell you they need access to your computer, tell them you’d rather they talk you through it (while offering no identifying information.) A person on the phone asking for your credit card or bank information? Just say no.

How to stop paying scammers?

Cybersecurity software can protect you from viruses and unauthorized programs. The problem is when you give authorization. If you tell a scammer your login credentials, no one can keep them from getting in. Think twice about any request for any sensitive data.

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