Sort and Organize Internet Explorer 11 Favorites in Windows 8

By Dave Taylor

The Question: There used to be a way to sort Favorites alphabetically in Internet Explorer but that feature has vanished with the latest version of MSIE in Win8. How do I sort my bookmarks?

Dave’s Answer:

If you’re running Microsoft Windows 8 or Win8.1, odds are quite good that you are also running Internet Explorer 11, either in “window” mode (the standard interface where it’s a window on the Desktop) or in the full-screen “Metro” mode (where it takes over the entire screen). Either way, turns out that the Favorites management area hasn’t changed a huge amount, you just have to know that Microsoft decided that sorting options wasn’t important enough to warrant an actual button in the edit window.

Yeah, who thought that, I dunno. Maybe in Redmond they have secret third-party tools that help them manage their Favorites. Or perhaps none of them actually surf the Web and bookmark favorite sites, so it’s never an issue?

In any case, I’ll show you how to sort your Favorites in window view but it works in both.

To start, open up Internet Explorer and look on the top right:


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This post is excerpted with permission from Dave Taylor.

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