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FAQ: What is a RAP score?

You will often see recent RAP scores in our commercials, below you can find out more information on the RAP score and why it is significant.

PC Matic – Leader in Virus Bulletin RAP Test

PC Pitstop is thrilled to announce that PC Matic Home & PC Matic Pro are once again leaders in the well respected Virus Bulletin RAP Test, surpassing all competitors in proactive detection in the most recent December 2015 results. 

What is the MITRE ATT&CK Framework?

Your organization needs high-quality, responsive cyber security. But to achieve and maintain good cyber security practices and results, you need to leverage in-depth, comprehensive security frameworks like the MITRE ATT&CK framework. Read on to learn more about the MITRE ATT&CK framework, what it means, and how to leverage it for greater security results. The MITRE …

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What Is Cryptocurrency?

Altcoin vs Bitcoin Altcoin is just another name for cryptocurrency that isn’t Bitcoin. It may make sense to think of Bitcoin as its own entity, seeing as how we hear of it so frequently, but it’s really just another form of cryptocurrency. Since it is so prominent, and somewhat stable, it is the cryptocurrency of …

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Review: Which Mesh WiFi system should you buy this holiday season?

This holiday season, in a tradition like many before it, families around the world will splurge on gifts for their loved ones. Every year these gifts consist of a higher percentage of technology products than the previous year, while all relying on the wireless networks in our homes. There is a wide selection of smart …

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PC Matic for Home & Business

Which PC Matic Product is Best

It’s All About What You Need PC Matic always strives to provide our customers with superior protection. Frequently, we get questions about what product is best. There’s an assumption that the Pro product is better protection because it’s “Pro,” but that’s not necessarily the case. Our products are built to fit your needs. Because of …

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