Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware Infects a Business Every 10 Seconds

Find Out How to Respond…

Ransomware infects a business every 10 seconds. Coveware reports being the first line of assistance after a ransomware attack has infects a corporate network.  They offer assistance with file recovery and getting networks back to full capacity as quickly as possible with minimal downtime.  According to Bill Siegal, Coveware CEO,

Ransomware strikes a business every 10 seconds. If your business gets hit, knowing how to respond can minimize the costs and associated downtime.

In order to determine how to properly respond, users must first understand if they have a ransomware infection, and the proper steps block the malware from spreading further.  Then recovery can begin.  This guide, developed by Coveware will cover every step a business should take if they fall victim to a ransomware infection. Businesses need better cybersecurity.

Ransomware Infects a Business with little security

Many business networks use a basic antivirus program that leaves them less secure than they should be. Ideally, a blacklisting antivirus and firewall should have a whitelisting solution to reinforce overall IT security.

To explore the best business application whitelisting solutions, visit PC Matic ransomware protection solutions for business. PC Matic uses a whitelist approach to prevent malware and ransomware attacks.

Subsequently, when used with operating system updates and security patching, whitelisting is a great deterrent to cybercriminals looking to hack into your business network. Learn more about PC Matics’ ransomware protection for business.

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