Ransomware Attack Shuts Down Healthcare System in Romania: 21 Hospitals Offline

A significant ransomware attack has disrupted the operations of 21 hospitals in Romania, causing their healthcare management system, the Hipocrate Information System (HIS), to go offline.

The attack, which occurred over the weekend, encrypted the system’s database, rendering it inaccessible. The Romanian Ministry of Health confirmed the incident and stated that IT specialists, including cybersecurity experts from the National Cyber Security Directorate (DNSC), are investigating the matter and assessing recovery options. Precautionary measures have been activated for unaffected hospitals.

The impacted hospitals, including regional centers and cancer treatment facilities, are now resorting to manual record-keeping due to the system shutdown. The DNSC revealed that the ransomware variant responsible for the attack is Backmydata, belonging to the Phobos family. While investigations continue, 79 other hospitals have proactively taken their systems offline.

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DNSC assured that most affected hospitals have recent backups of their data, mitigating potential data loss risks. The software service provider, RSC, has not issued a public statement regarding the incident.

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