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PC Matic Developers Continue to Advance Their Solution

The first quarter of 2019 brought about some changes for PC Matic, and we are confident you’re going to love them. Below is a list of all of the recent changes you may have already noticed:

Sidebar UI

Drawing on user feedback with a focus on improving your everyday workflow our team launched a revamped management console UI in Q1. Our new UI shifts the focus to a sidebar menu that is always active and easily accessible to navigate around your account. This shift also opened up more screen real estate, which helps reduce scrolling throughout the management console.

VNC Update & File Manager

We have also initiated an update to our new VNC client. This client will increase security and stability for all users but no longer has a built-in File Manager. As we know this is a valuable tool for you to use, our team set out to integrate our own File Manager tool into your device actions.

Uninstall Security

To increase the security posture of your devices, we have restricted the ability to uninstall SuperShield from the control panel. This protects your device if someone maliciously gained remote access and tried to disable your protection. Uninstalls can now be done through Device Actions or with the Uninstaller Executable.

Sleep Settings

This new device action gives you the ability to temporarily override the Windows sleep settings on a device and keep it awake. When devices sleep they lose network connection and you’ll no longer have the ability to take remote control.


As we expand the customizations that you can make in your management console, our new Workspace area is home to several settings to adjust for your user profile. You can select the default report that loads upon visiting each level of the account to save time and clicks. To take it a step further, you can even customize the color scheme of your account!

If you have any ideas for further enhancements, please let us know!

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