PC Matic Wins Big at AV-TEST Awards 2023 for Fifth Consecutive Year

It’s award season, and the AV-TEST Institute is back with its AV-TEST Awards 2023, recognizing security product vendors for consumer and corporate users. Throughout 2023, they rigorously evaluated products across Windows, MacOS, and Android platforms, awarding certificates for top performance. Only the best-performing products received the prestigious AV-TEST Awards 2023, with PC Matic winning Best Performance and Best Advanced Protection. This year is extra special as the institute celebrates its 20th anniversary alongside the awards ceremony.

PC Matic shines with its exceptional IT security features. When it comes to security software for Windows, users want protection without sacrificing speed. PC Matic understands this balance perfectly.

During performance tests in 2023, PC Matic’s Application Allowlisting feature showed flawless performance, earning it the Best Performance Award for Consumer Users on Windows. Additionally, in advanced threat protection (ATP) tests, PC Matic excelled, showcasing its ability to detect attackers effectively using advanced techniques like EDR.

“For strong performance in all Windows tests throughout the entire year of 2023, PC Matic earned special recognition. Among the particularly coveted protection awards, PC Matic receives the Best Advanced Protection Award for Consumer Users under Windows. At the same time, PC Matic demonstrates that good protection under Windows does not have to be largely at the expense of performance. We are rewarding this strong development work with the Best Performance Award for Consumer Users under Windows. The entire team at AV-TEST extends its congratulations on the well-earned awards!” says Maik Morgenstern, CEO of AV-TEST.

PC Matic is a 100% USA-based cybersecurity solution, providing industry-leading computer, mobile device, and business endpoint security that is affordable and easy to manage for everyone. PC Matic prevents cybercriminals from running malware or ransomware on your network and endpoints to disrupt operations, steal sensitive data, encrypt files, or hold critical digital assets for ransom.

PC Matic delivers complete home and business cybersecurity protection against ransomware, malware, identity theft, online tracking, data breaches, and more. For over 20 years, PC Matic’s award-winning cyber protection has saved millions of satisfied customers from becoming the next cybercrime victim and is exclusively made in the USA.
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