“I Know I am Protected With PC Matic.” – Karla W., PC Matic Subscriber Since 2012

Karla W. first came to PC Pitstop to meet her PC optimization needs in 2008, and has been a loyal PC Matic subscriber since 2012.  Today I had the opportunity to speak with Karla one-on-one about her experience with our security software. 

Prior to using PC Matic, Karla said she experienced various malware attacks. 

Which security solution were you using prior to PC Matic? “Oh, I’ve tried a lot – Norton, McAfee and AVG.  But I was always getting viruses.” 

What made you switch to PC Matic“I started using Optimize in 2008.  I knew it worked, and PC Matic is made from the same company so thought I’d try it.  Ever since I have switched over, I’ve had no problems whatsoever.  No viruses!  And I download a lot of stuff.”

PC Matic offers several features, including the anti-virus protection, free cyber security training, an adblocker and automated maintenance and optimization tools.  What would you say is your favorite part of the PC Matic bundle?  “The antivirus protection.  I’ve had no issues with any of my computers, for years now.  I know I am protected with PC Matic.

Is there anything you think we can be doing better?  “No.  The product is the best.  I recommend it to all of my friends.  Also, good customer service keeps me coming back.  Whenever I have an issue, they are always quick to respond.  They [customer service] always put things in layman’s terms, so I can understand them.  Good customer service is hard to find, and PC Matic has it. 

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