PC Matic Optimizes PC Performance

You computer doesn’t slow down with age. It decreases in efficiency when it is not properly maintained. Included PC Matic there is a suite of PC optimization tools that can run each time your PC is scanned. These tools include:
  • Defragments Disks
  • Updates Drivers
  • Cleans Registry
  • Optimizes SSDs
  • Removes Junk Files
  • Optimizes Broadband
  • Fixes Software Vulnerabilities
  • Accelerates Downloads in FF and IE
  • Disables Resource Hogging Start Ups
  • Deactivates Unnecessary Windows Tasks
  • Removes Unnecessary Start Up Apps
  • Updates Common Software Automatically
The best part, is you do not have to go through and perform each task yourself! Set up a PC Matic scheduled scan and it is all automatically done for you. It can’t get much easier than that! Follow along with the tutorial video below to learn how to schedule a scan. 

To read more about the features included in PC Matic, view the User Guide.
If you need assistance, please contact our Customer Support team. 

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