New Operating System Announced by Google

We all know that eventually everything will be on the go. There isn’t a second when people are not available and online. Phoning, texting, emailing, it’s all happening, all the time. This newly connected existence has its good points and bad points. Most of the time, the results of being always connected can lead to some funny situations, but sometimes the results can be tragic.

Is there a place or situation that you haven’t seen people using their device? Walking into traffic, texting their deity in church, tumbling into corn in the supermarket. We may not watch where we’re going but everyone else does.

The exploding market for tablets is just another step on the way to “All Ways Connected-Connected All Ways”.

Oh, I almost forgot why I started this. Looks like we’re going to have a newer, better, faster way of careening through life.

Android3.0 Honeycomb is designed for tablets.

Take a brief minute, ignore the person talking to you, and text me the most notable way you’ve seen people connect on the go.


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