MSP vs Self-Managed IT

MSPs are becoming more popular with businesses

American business is becoming increasingly dependent on technology. Whether you’re a large corporation with employees spanning the country or even the world, or a mom and pop shop, there will be different layers of technology built into your operations. Therefore, managing that tech is necessary.

We know about the cyber threats out there. Additionally, we’ve discussed cyber health on this blog. But what does that mean when it comes to actually managing it?

There are options. At PC Matic, we have the Pro product for businesses that need to manage a multitude of machines. But where does that leave those businesses that only have a few workstations? And what about the larger businesses who don’t have a dedicated IT person? Are they left on their own?

The MSP solution

PC Matic partners with managed service providers (MSPs) across the United States. This means there are hundreds of MSPs across the US using PC Matic’s whitelist technology to protect their clients.

The first step is to identify what type of IT management your business will need. Are you a small operation that can’t afford an IT professional on staff? Are you medium sized with one person managing IT? Is your organization large and in need of additional eyes on your security solution?

Any of these examples are candidates for MSPs. Additionally, MSPs offer a variety of other services to their customers. Depending on your needs, there is an MSP out there for you.

Benefits to MSP services include decreased payroll and employee wages, increased security and alerting, access to experts in the IT field, increased support and reduced support time, increased productivity in other areas. This means that using an MSP service will reduce your overall costs and give you more time to focus on your business. Additionally, it’ll provide you with top rate IT staff that will provide you with excellent monitoring and protection.


Managing IT in house is often an option for businesses that already have a dedicated IT staff. Self-managing allows the company to keep eyes on their operations at all times. It also allows them to have control over updates, scans, reports, and other proprietary information they deem necessary.

There are products on the market like PC Matic Pro which provide IT directors the tools needed to effectively manage their networks. With a small footprint on each machine, PC Matic’s cloud console allows access from anywhere with an internet connection. Subsequently, PC Matic users report ease of use when managing their network on the go.

Choosing an option

Ultimately, the option best for your organization is going to come down to what best fits your needs. When it comes to MSP vs Self-Management, the decision is based on your unique company and your needs.

For more information on PC Matic Pro, MSP services, or to be matched with a PC Matic MSP, please click here.

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