Microsoft Windows by Subscription

Microsoft is dropping more hints that the Windows operating system will be offered through a subscription based model.–PC Pitstop.

Microsoft Windows by Subscription

by Jim Hillier for Daves Computer Tips

For some time now speculation has been rife that Microsoft will eventually make its operating system available via a subscription based model, not unlike that of Office. It is now being reported that Microsoft recently registered the name “Windows 365″, a huge clue that the company may indeed be heading in that direction.

Common sense has always dictated that this move was inevitable, the huge cost of maintaining support for a diversity of operating systems can only be curtailed by getting as many users as possible onto a single platform, and a subscription based model is the most effective method to help achieve that goal.

Before anyone starts to panic, it’s pretty safe to assume that, as well as an enhanced subscription package, the Windows distribution model will still offer the traditional option to purchase outright, pretty much the same sort of Office choices that became available with the introduction of Office 365.

I believe a subscription based operating system would be a boon for corporate environments, tax write-offs, plus eliminating the expense of upgrades while always running the latest operating system being just two attractions. However, home users may see it a little differently.

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