Utilize the Power of Your Windows Firewall

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Utilize the Power of Your Windows Firewall

by Jim Canfield for Daves Computer Tips

In this post on Administrative Tools, I will be covering perhaps the best security feature you will ever have against unauthorized access to your machine from the Internet, your Firewall.

If you are connected to the internet, having a firewall is a must. Without it, any hacker may waltz right into your operating system and create havoc at will. Not having a firewall is like leaving your car doors unlocked and the key in the ignition.

The Windows Firewall has come a long way since it was released with Windows XP. Since XP service pack 2 it is set “on” by default. The basic mode does protect you and in most cases, it is all you need to prevent unauthorized access. However, you are not really utilizing all the power of your Windows Firewall unless you modify its basic settings and that is where our next tool comes into play. In the following text, app and program mean the same thing.

Windows Firewall with Advanced Security

If you wish to set any of the security functions of your Windows Firewall on any computer running Windows, the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security Tool in the Administrative Tools package is the place to go.

Understanding Firewalls

First of all, some of you might want a better understanding of what a Firewall is. There are two common types of firewalls, software and hardware. In many cases it is just a software program but in the best case it is a combination of both a software and hardware firewall (i.e. a router) one that exists between your computer and the Internet. Windows Firewall inspects all incoming packets for all IP traffic both (IPv4 and IPv6). The default setting is that all incoming traffic is blocked automatically unless it is a direct response to a request made from your computer or unless is has been set specifically by a rule.

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