Leo: How to Protect Your Email Address Book


By Leo Notenboom

How do I stop [email being sent as me] or prevent a hacker from getting into my address book?

This was a follow-up question from someone who’d discovered that, as they put it, “Somebody is using my email address book to send spam to my friends.” I had pointed them at Someone’s sending email that looks like it’s from me to my contacts, what can I do?

What’s critical to realize here is that it’s extremely likely that they don’t just have access to your address book – they have access to your entire email account.

And that’s exactly where prevention begins.

The scenario

This is the scenario that I’m hearing about frequently:

  • Someone’s email account gets hacked
  • The hacker then uses that email account to send spam to everyone in that email account’s address book
  • It’s that first part that matters: they hacked into your email account.

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