Law Firm Sues Cybersecurity Firm Over Ransomware Attack

A Sacramento-based law firm, which specializes in representing law enforcement officers, has filed a lawsuit against a computer firm for more than $1 million. The law firm Mastagni Holstedt hired the computer firm Lantech LLC for cybersecurity services. However, after the law firm suffered a ransomware attack last year, they were forced to pay a ransom to regain access to their data. Mastagni Holstedt filed the lawsuit against Lantech, former Lantech owner Terry Berg, and backup storage company Acronis Inc. The lawsuit alleges negligence and breach of contract.

The ransomware attack was attributed to a group called “Black Basta,” known for targeting large organizations, including those in the construction, manufacturing, health, and public health sectors. The lawsuit claims that Lantech failed to prevent the deletion of the law firm’s cloud-based data backup, which would have helped recover from the attack. Acronis denied responsibility, stating that their systems were not compromised and suggesting that access credentials might have been compromised outside their systems.

The lawsuit seeks damages for economic losses incurred by Mastagni Holstedt due to the cyberattack, including the ransom payment and costs associated with mitigating the damage to their computer network.

What is BlackBasta Ransomware?

Black Basta uses targeted emails to launch attacks and pays brokers for network access. They steal passwords and move around networks, installing specific tools to control infected computers. They use complex techniques to make decryption difficult, disable antivirus when encrypting files, disrupt internet access, and target computer systems. Learn more about Black Basta here.

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