Getting Used to Windows 8

Leo suggests that getting used to new ‘things’ (like Windows 8) is not always ideal – but frequently worthwhile.–PC Pitstop.

Getting Used to Windows 8

By Leo Notenboom

Do we really need to “get used” to things?

“Getting used to it” might not always be ideal, but being open to it can result in sometimes surprising improvements. Besides, you’re doing it already, almost every day.

I responded to a question a couple of days ago regarding Windows 8 that ended with “Why did Microsoft do this, when everybody wanted the familiar old XP style?”.

My response included a pointer to my “Why ask why?” article, as well as pointing out that, no, “everybody” didn’t want the familiar old XP style. In fact many people have come to actually prefer the Windows 8 interface once they’d gotten used to it.

The response? “The User should never have to get used to it.”

That got me to thinking. In an ideal world that’s absolutely correct.

But we’re far from living in an ideal world, and that means that’s nowhere near practical.

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This excerpt appears with permission from Leo Notenboom.

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