Extend Life of an Old PC with Linux

Linux provides a good alternative for those who hate Windows – but a conversion comes with potential issues.–PC Pitstop.

Extend Life of an Old PC with Linux

What do you think if I convert to Linux, or am I wasting my time? What applications and utilities are compatible, i.e. browsers, anti spyware, virus protection etc. How would you go about setting the computer up. I have moderate experience, utilizing forums and sites like yours when encountering major problems.

Linux is a great way to extend the life of older computers, simply because the resource requirements of many Linux distributions are so much less than those of Windows.

And, of late, I’m hearing from people who, like you, are frustrated with Microsoft and Windows and are hoping for alternatives.

Linux isn’t for everyone, but it can be a solid alternative.

However, we need to set some expectations, and of course there are also a few “gotcha’s” along the way.

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