Exploding Laptop Video Featured on National TV

Exploding Laptop Video Featured on National TV

Nationally syndicated show America Now recently featured footage from PC Pitstop’s Exploding Laptop research video. The original Li-Ion laptop battery research that spawned this video – was conducted in 2006.

Working in cooperation with our friends at D2 Worldwide, PC Pitstop is sponsoring a new round of research on this same topic and the findings will be released soon.


America Now: Is Your Home Office a Fire Hazard?
Laptop batteries sold over the internet by unauthorized dealers are another threat.

Torres says, “What happens is a lot of these batteries are recycled. They’re overused, overcharged, they become faulty over time. If you’re charging a faulty battery, it can present a danger to that appliance because it can catch fire.”

Steve Plutte got more than he bargained for when the knock-off battery he bought over the internet caused his computer to erupt in flames.

“It’s not just a fire; it’s an explosion,” says Plutte. “I was in a state of shock. I could have been scarred. I could have lost a hand. I might have lost my sight. It was that big of an explosion. And it had sent out shrapnel from the battery compartment all over the office. Pieces of the battery that had exploded out and then landed on the floor, on my desk, or on my chair and were ignited and starting little fires.”

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