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CyberSmart with Rob Cheng

PC Matic CEO Rob Cheng has his finger on the pulse of cybersecurity. In addition to writing multiple op-eds appearing in media outlets across the country, Rob is also part of Forbes Business Council. He also likes to drop in on Myrtle Beach radio host, Liz Calloway, and her show.

They talk about ransomware and prevention, cybersecurity news to what the government is doing, and everything in between. Rob has been a regular guest on Liz’s show since 2019. You may not have known, but now you can listen by visiting the CyberSmart with Rob Cheng page.

Rob’s appearance on each episode ranges from 7 minutes to approximately 20 minutes. Each time, he shares insight, wisdom, and what’s going on in cyber news. Catch up on all the back episodes then check out The Liz Calloway Show for new episodes.

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