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Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

2020 Cybersecurity Product / Service Awards – Winners and Finalists

The 2020 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards honor individuals, products and companies that demonstrate excellence, innovation and leadership in information security. Based on the strength of their nomination and the popular vote by members of the Information Security Community (both ratings and comments), we are announcing the following winners and finalists for the 2020 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards in the category Cybersecurity Product / Service.

Anti Malware


In 3 bullets, summarize why this product or service is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

PC Matic Pro deploys a three-tiered protection approach that cannot be found in other security solutions.

First, is the use of its automated global whitelist. This whitelist is managed by the PC Matic Pro malware research team, meaning none of the unknown file testing is left up to IT professionals. It is because of this default deny approach, users of PC Matic Pro do not find themselves infected with the latest malware threats, including ransomware.

The second layer of protection includes fileless malware detection. Fileless malware circumvents a file system driver, and does not include a file or an executable. Due to this attack method, no antivirus was blocking it. That is until PC Matic developed a specialized hooking process that reviews demands sent to scripting engines to confirm their security. To date, approximately 25% of malware blocked by PC Matic Pro are malicious scripting attacks.

Lastly, modern cyber threats have been found executing through vulnerable RDP ports, and security solutions were failing to address this vulnerability. To prevent attacks from executing through open RDP ports, PC Matic Pro has deployed threat mitigation techniques to avoid exploitation. These three layers of defense provide advanced, proactive security for all levels of business, government, and educational institutions.


PC Matic Pro, an endpoint and server security solution, was developed by PC Matic Inc. in 2015 and officially launched in the channel in 2016. PC Matic Pro is for IT decision makers within U.S. local government, municipalities, and educational institutions who need to ensure the security and confidentiality of their data against today’s threat landscape, and want to stop feeling overwhelmed by today’s cyber threats and feel confident in an affordable and effective solution. PC Matic Pro is an endpoint and server security solution that allows for peace of mind with an automated whitelist technology, providing an advanced level of protection without burdening IT staff. Unlike traditional security solutions, such as Webroot or Symantec, which allow unknown and often malicious files to execute, PC Matic Pro blocks unknown files from executing until tested by our in-house malware research team, or locally whitelisted by proper business authorities.

PC Matic Pro is the only security solution provider that is developed, supported, and researched in the United States.

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