Cybercriminals Exploit Job Seekers on Facebook with Malware-laden Job Ads

Cybercriminals are exploiting job seekers on Facebook by posting fake job advertisements to distribute malware, specifically the Windows-based Ov3r_Stealer.

This malware is designed to harvest sensitive information from infected PCs, including location, passwords, credit card details, and more. The ultimate goal of this campaign remains uncertain, but it’s possible that stolen data could end up for sale on the dark web, or the malware could be updated to deliver additional payloads.

The attack typically begins with a malicious PDF file hosted on OneDrive, shared via fake Facebook accounts impersonating prominent figures like Amazon CEO Andy Jassy or through Facebook ads for digital advertising jobs. Victims who download the PDF are prompted to click an “Access Document” button, leading to the execution of a CPL file that ultimately launches the Ov3r_Stealer via a PowerShell loader from GitHub.

To protect oneself during a job search, stick to reputable job sites like Indeed or ZipRecruiter instead of relying on social media platforms like Facebook. Additionally, users should avoid downloading files from unknown senders and refrain from sharing unnecessary personal information. Employing reliable antivirus software and identity theft protection services is recommended to prevent malware infections and potential identity theft.

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By exercising caution and adopting security measures, job seekers can minimize their vulnerability to cyberattacks and online scams while searching for job opportunities.

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