Jackpot from the Fine Print: How One Person Struck Gold by Reading an EULA

As PC Matic celebrates the remarkable milestone of 25 years, we trace the evolution and achievements that have defined our legacy. Two and a half decades ago, PC Matic embarked on a mission to revolutionize the landscape of digital security and performance optimization. Since then, we have innovated, adapted, and persevered, staying ahead of the curve in an ever-changing technological landscape.

Understanding an End User License Agreement (EULA)

Before using software or online services, you usually have to agree to their terms, but most folks quickly click through. You’ve likely clicked “I Accept” on an End User License Agreement (EULA) without reading it first. EULAs often have complicated legal language, sometimes sneaking in bizarre rules.

The PC Matic EULA Easter Egg Buzz

In 2005, one lucky PC Matic customer won $1,000 by reading our End-User License Agreement (EULA). We temporarily added a clause to our EULA offering money to anyone who contacted us, but it took five months and more than 3,000 sales before the first person – dropped us a line asking about the clause. The purpose of that exercise was to show the public how infrequently EULAs are being read before the consumer accepts the terms.

PC Matic performed another version of the EULA in 2010. Paul J. from Holland-On-Sea, Great Britain was the first to find the PC Matic Easter Egg when he noticed a “green flash.” At first, he didn’t recognize what he was seeing, but after reading a couple of times he sent in a question to our Customer service department. Here’s his question and here’s what he found:

Dear Sir/Madam,
After running a test on PCMatic, I received a message when hovering my mouse over ‘System Specs Report’ > ‘Video Memory’, stating ‘First person to find this easter egg wins $100’. Am I able to claim? I have kept a screenshot.
Many thanks.

History repeats itself 16 years later – EULAs continued to go unread. In 2015, PC Matic decided to test their experiment again. The Special Consideration was added to the PC Matic EULA, which can be seen to the left. After a month and a half and approximately 60,000 downloads, PC Matic customer, Stephen Ellerin acknowledged he had read the Special Consideration. Ellerin reported he “always makes a point of reading the EULA/Terms & Conditions” for any software he installs. In recognition of Mr. Ellerin’s diligence, PC Matic awarded him $500 and a complimentary lifetime upgrade for his current PC Matic license.

 PC Matic is always looking out for consumers trying to protect themselves and become more cyber aware. In an age where digital privacy and security are paramount, understanding the terms and conditions of software agreements is essential for informed decision-making. PC Matic advocates for users to carefully review EULAs to comprehend their rights, responsibilities, and potential implications of using software products.

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