CD Projekt Isn’t Afraid Of Transparency in the Face of Ransomware Attack

Ransomware Attacks Game Creator

On Monday, video game creator CD Projekt announced they’d been the victim of a cyberattack. The details are still waiting to be discovered, but CD Projekt was not shy about sharing the information they knew, including publishing a statement and the ransom note to their Twitter page.

Statement and ransom note posted on the company’s Twitter page

Additionally, their website has all the information from their feed available right when you visit.

Right now, the source and reason behind the hack are speculation, but there are some that are noting the disastrous release of the company’s game, Cyberpunk, as a possible reason.

Cyberpunk was a much anticipated game that ended up being pulled shortly after release due to bugs and errors. CD Projekt blamed developers. It seems there were a lot of hurt feelings and resentment being passed around. So it stands to reason that a security breach by a disgruntled person attached to that debacle is plausible.

While ransomware attacks and the debate on whether to pay them (CD Projekt vehemently opposes paying for this attack) rage on, CD Projekt has done something different than their contemporaries. They’ve publicly responded quickly following the breach.


When the company released their statement on Monday, it had been less than 24 hours since they discovered the hack. Maybe in an effort to not sew anymore discourse while still recovering from the Cyberpunk debacle, CD Projekt was quick to release the information.

This is a deviation from what a lot of victims of cyberattacks have done. It can take weeks, and in some cases months, for a company to admit to a breach. Furthermore, many companies only admit to a ransomware attack once information has been leaked. CD Projekt did the exact opposite.

It’s refreshing to see a large company take a proactive approach to an attack. This is the information that’s needed to continue to improve security software. Even if the hack was internal, learning how it happened can help shape products to stop it in the future.

While there is still much more information needed, they’ve already begun working with investigators to get answers. Based on their current transparency, though, it’s likely they’ll continue to share any news they can. Stay tuned, CD Projekt has control of the narrative and they aren’t back down!

About Ransomware Attacks:

Ransomware is a type of malware (malicious software) or virus that when downloaded uses computer data encryption to hold a device’s information at ransom. This includes PC’s, laptops, phones, servers and computer networks. When a Ransomware Attack occurs, users’ data files, applications and databases are encrypted so that user access is blocked until a “ransom” is paid.

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