Bob Rankin: Replace Desktop With Laptop?


By Bob Rankin

Desktop computers have several advantages over laptops. It doesn’t matter if you’re PC or Mac fan. You tend to get more computing power and features for your money. Desktops are more expandable than laptops. Parts and service are cheaper, and more readily available. But of course, it’s much harder to take a desktop with you. Try lugging yours into a Starbucks and you’ll get some pretty funny looks.

If you live a mobile lifestyle, you can simplify your life by ditching the desktop and using one powerful laptop for all of your needs. You may have to get used to a smaller screen, a cramped keyboard, and a touchpad instead of a mouse. But switching to a laptop won’t limit what software you can run. If your favorite software or game runs on a desktop, it will work just the same on a laptop.

The only exception to that rule comes into play if you switch from a Windows-based desktop PC to a Macbook laptop, or from a desktop Mac to a PC laptop. Generally, software written for Windows doesn’t run on a Mac, or vice versa. But there are some clever solutions that let you run Windows programs on your Mac desktop. See my related article Run Windows on Mac for details on that.

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