Bits from Bill Pytlovany: Will an Android “iPad” Win the Game?


By Bill Pytlovany

While the Apple iPad maybe the Cinderella product this week, recent updates to my Verizon Droid shows that Google’s Android OS is still a prince. Folks are saying that the iPad is a game-changer but it may not necessarily win the game. The idea of a tablet really isn’t anything new. My ThinkPad x61 is both a great tablet and a powerful laptop

The single biggest asset for the iPad is Apple’s Customer Satisfaction and Public relations. The “I gotta have me one” factor for the iPad is off the charts. Nothing bad about having your own cult following but that doesn’t always mean you’ll reach critical mass appeal.

The release of Android devices like the Droid and Nexus have received a lot of positive attention. You can’t beat some of the powerful features and flexibility. “If” we start seeing folks carrying around iPads it won’t be long before they’ll be followed by Android based Pads. It’s rare for me to carry around my ThinkPad especially with the screen facing out so aside from showing off I don’t see it in our future. Are man-bags doing to be the new style?

I have an iTouch(iPad Nano) that I love, but I went with a Droid phone for the Verizon connectivity. I have really been surprised by some of the Android based features that I’ve come to rely on. The new features released with Android 2.1 update1 will keep me using Google devices.

The first new feature I noticed this week was just fluff but lots of fun.

This post is excerpted with Bill’s permission from his blog

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