Beaumont School District Addresses Phone System Crisis Amidst National Cyber Attack

The recent phone system issues in the Beaumont Independent School District are attributed to a national outage caused by a cyber attack on the district’s phone service vendor, as stated by BISD spokesperson Jackie Simien.

The attack, identified in response to an FBI warning, prompted IT Expert Ira Wilker to highlight the vulnerability of soft targets like businesses, school districts, and hospitals.

The problems started on January 23, 2024, and after days of uncertainty, the vendor confirmed a cyber attack. Interim Director of IT Ryan Deloney shared ongoing efforts to restore service, emphasizing the time-consuming process of importing phones. Facing challenges to maintain emergency communication, the district decided to switch phone service providers.

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As of the report, the district, including critical offices, has transitioned to the new phone system. However, installation is still underway in some areas. Deloney reassured that no sensitive student information was compromised during the breach.

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