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Boost External Hard Drive Speed


Your external hard drive speed depends almost entirely upon two things: your cables and your drive itself. There’s nothing you can do to increase your external hard drive’s hardware speed, but there’s plenty you can do to improve your cables.

My Windows Pictures Folder is Not Showing Thumbnails


Don’t you just hate it when you go to your pictures folder or library and your picture folder is not showing thumbnail previews? This means your picture folder becomes very confusing and not being able to see the thumbnail previews for your pictures makes it extremely hard to find anything at all.

7 Pros And Cons Of Hybrid Hard Drives


Do hybrid hard drives work? Do they make sense. Yes, absolutely—but only in certain cases. To understand why, consider these seven important pros and cons:

Why Your PC is a Hacker’s Favorite Weapon

Cyber security isn’t just an issue for governments and corporations, but an issue we all face—that’s because the favorite weapon of hackers and terrorists is your computer.

7 Computer Threats You Might Miss

Some computer threats aren’t immediately apparent, and they aren’t often talked about by the so-called experts. They’re risks that you can’t block by just turning on your anti-virus software or by avoiding certain email attachments. Let’s look at seven of these threats now.

5 Ways to Use Your Old Computer and Recycle

Many people rack their brains with what to do with the old computer. It is great to be able to recycle computers or some parts, but knowing what to do is another story altogether. Here are some fantastic uses for old computers.