The Microsoft Princess

The Microsoft Princess is an accredited Microsoft Certified Trainer, Microsoft Office Specialist, and Microsoft Office Certified programmer. She has been an expert in Microsoft products since 1998, and has helped thousands of employees worldwide learn how to use the computer effectively. She works with the top Fortune 500 companies, and has trained some of the most powerful people we read about and see on TV. She is not only an expert on the products, but her training methods and consistent praise makes her widely recognized and given her the nickname of Microsoft's princess. Her dream has always been to help everyone save time in their day, even outside of work by using the Microsoft products. Through her crowning as The Microsoft Princess, she achieves this goal by providing tips, video tutorials and seminars to help everyone find creative ways to use the computer better and ultimately help them spend more time doing the fun things they've been putting off. The Microsoft Princess is an independent entity and persona of the Microsoft Corporation.