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Stop Killing Your Battery


So, what causes a battery to wear out? Much like any human being, a battery’s health starts to deteriorate immediately after it is made. The aging process is both chemical and mechanical in nature. All batteries are perishable. It is the rate of aging where you can have some impact. The temperature, the charge method, the depth of discharge, maintenance procedures and just plain time all play a role in the life of a battery.

PC Pitstop Newsletter – January 2012 #2

  • Rogue Infection Goes Live
  • 5 Tools to Monitor Internet Use
  • Cleaning Up a Loaner PC
  • Best Place to Edit Photos Online
  • Ideal Security Software Boost
  • Read Kindle Books on PC?
  • No Hard Disk XP Install
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  • Recognize a Facebook Scam
  • Who Can Access Your Accounts?
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  • 10 Awesome Chrome Add-Ons
  • Go Zen with PowerPoint
  • Print without Footnotes
  • Control Excel Printing
  • Quickly Hide Files & Folders
  • Peruse an email in OE
  • Convert Images w/ Right Click
  • PC Pitstop Newsletter – January 2012

  • Internet Scam on Wheels
  • Online Vacation Scam Alert
  • Top Tips of 2011
  • When Will Printers Die?
  • Your Passwords are Wrong
  • Speed Up Win 7 Interface
  • Defrag from Context Menu
  • All Data Storage Will Fail
  • BYOD Growing
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  • Understand Object Anchors
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  • The Best PowerPoint Shortcuts
  • Email Address Checker
  • URL UN-shortener
  • Extend Your Router Range
  • PC Pitstop Newsletter – December 2011 #2

  • Why VOIP is not Perfect
  • #1 OS in the World
  • Can I Remove IE?
  • Forced Browser Upgrade
  • Junk Your Java Now
  • Too Little Virtual Memory
  • How to Customize Facebook
  • 3 Types of Hard Drives
  • The Root of IT Evil
  • Set Up Ad Hoc Network
  • Best Tips of 2011
  • My Favorite Free Software
  • Holiday Laptop Buying Guide
  • Read a Blue screen of Death
  • Lazy with Your Laptop
  • Synch Your Lists
  • Exporting PPT Text
  • Tip- RealWorld Paint
  • Tip- Minimize Annoying Sounds
  • Tip- Tweak Windows AutoPlay
  • PC Pitstop Newsletter – December 2011

  • Malware Triggers Printer Fires?
  • Chrome Blows Past Firefox
  • Recovering from a Bad Virus
  • Why is Your PC Slow?
  • PC Maintenance for Grandmas
  • Is Chrome the Best Browser?
  • Blu-Ray Worth the Upgrade
  • How to Change Tab Height
  • Do You Have a Crashplan
  • Does WiFi Nuke Your Fertility?
  • 4 Ways to Protect Your Network
  • Extend the Life of WinXP
  • Recycle Your Old Gadgets
  • Creating PPT Graphics
  • Predictions for 2012
  • Tip- 12 Online Shopping Tips
  • Tip- Wireless Network Watcher
  • Tip- Find & remove duplicate files
  • Malware Triggering Printers to Explode?


    Researchers at the Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science have uncovered a vunerability that leaves tens of millions of common office printers open to devasting malware infections – including attacks that could cause the printers to catch on fire.

    Best Tips & Winners


    Each month we select the best of the tips submitted by members of the PC Pitstop community.

    Check out our current and past favorites.

    PC Pitstop Newsletter – November 2011 #2

  • The Best Black Friday Sites
  • Easy Access to All Your DVDs
  • How to Protect Your Inbox
  • Is Chromebook Good Enough?
  • Have You Been Hacked?
  • All in One Printer Guide
  • 4 Great Win 7 Tips You Missed
  • Top 5 iPad Competitors
  • Set Default File Format
  • Free Tool Saves Time and $
  • The Price of Reusing Passwords
  • Your Own URL Shortner
  • Improve Presentations by 80%
  • A PC In Your Pocket
  • New Tech, Right Reasons
  • Tip-Gmail Getting Help
  • Tip-Organize Your Desktop
  • Tip-Select Multiple Files
  • Instant Access to Your DVD Collection

    So, you’ve got this great DVD collection sitting on some
    shelves or in boxes throughout your house.
    How would you like to organize your DVDs and have instant access to your
    collection…on any viewing device, including your TV, your iPad or other tablet,
    your laptop or your smart phone? Well,
    you CAN!