America’s Password Security: A Growing Concern

Cyber attacks are increasing in frequency, and experts predict the situation will worsen. Therefore, it’s crucial for people to enhance their online safety practices, starting with strengthening their passwords.

Forbes Advisor recently published a report on America’s Password Habits, based on a survey of 2,000 individuals conducted by OnePoll. The findings revealed that 46% of respondents had their passwords stolen in the past year, with 68% needing to change their passwords across multiple accounts due to compromise. Social media accounts were the most targeted (29%), followed by email (15%) and Wi-Fi (9%).

PC Matic, a cybersecurity solution, goes beyond traditional antivirus measures by offering users an integrated password manager as part of its complete protection package.

PC Matic’s complete protection also provides users with antivirus protection against malware and ransomware. Additionally, users enjoy the advantages of a VPN for online freedom, premium identity theft protection, bank and credit monitoring, dark web monitoring, and 100% USA-based phone support.

The study emphasizes the significance of password security for both personal privacy and broader cybersecurity. Suggestions for improving password security include creating stronger passwords and securely sharing them.

PC Matic delivers complete home and business cybersecurity protection against ransomware, malware, identity theft, online tracking, data breaches, and more. For over 20 years, PC Matic’s award-winning cyber protection has saved millions of satisfied customers from becoming the next cybercrime victim and is exclusively made in the USA.
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